Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sense of community

With our "wonderful" election coming in a couple of weeks I have been reflecting on our society here in America.  I have many opinions on most subjects and have been studying information in depth so that I can be more informed and not one of the many reactionaries on Facebook.

I am not going to comment on my voting preference but rather to hopefully inspire others to become involved and empower them to get out to help their communities and the world (based on your interests). I myself am a volunteer in our local fire company as a Fire Police officer. (For those of you who don't know what that is, we are empowered with police powers to protect our firefighter brothers and other emergency workers, the public at large and property if need be). In addition to this I spend Saturdays helping visitors to our great city of Philadelphia and chat with homeless people who are trying to get their lives back together. In addition I also have taken up cycling to raise funds for causes such as the MS Society, American Cancer Society and Veterans causes.

This is highly rewarding to me as I feel in some small way I might have an impact on just one person. I request nothing in return but to pay it forward so that maybe one day we all might be better people.

In addition to my personally helping I have decided to enact a donation program to support a few causes. To that end through the end of 2016 Formulations will donate 10% of the profits of the sale of fire/EMS products and medical products a couple ways. We will donate to Doctors without Borders, who has an A rating for helping people all over the world.  For the sale of fire/EMS products we will donate to the volunteer fire company of your choice (if you don't specify, we will donate to smaller fire companies with a great need).

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